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Headshot & Resume FAQs

What should my headshots look like?
For a full list of headshot guidelines please visit To see sample headshots, please visit:

What should my resume look like?
For a full list of resume guidelines, please visit To see sample resumes, please visit:

How many headshots and resumes do I need to bring?
To see how many headshots you will need to bring for your program(s), please refer to your Student & Parent Handbook. You can download your Student & Parent Handbook at

Do I have to get my headshot and resume approved by my Student Advisor?
Yes! Your Student Advisor is someone who is very knowledgeable about what New York industry members are looking for when it comes to headshots and resumes. They want you to be thoroughly prepared and to represent yourself in the best possible light while you are at BAA, especially for the NY Industry panel that will be studying and collecting your headshots and resumes during your final showcase performance!

What if I don’t have a professional headshot?
We strongly suggest that you get professional headshots taken before you arrive at BAA; however, we understand that some of our students are not yet ready to make such a large financial investment. The most important thing is that you have a current photo of your face or a close up ¾ body shot, and that it really looks like you! The photo should be in good lighting (natural lighting is great for amateur photos) and clearly in focus. This photo can be a school picture or even a snapshot- just bear in mind that it will need to be a high resolution picture, as you will need to enlarge it to 8X10 inches (the industry standard) for your final showcase and auditions. For a full list of headshot guidelines please visit To see sample headshots, please visit:

What if I don’t have very much experience on my resume?
Our students are all very talented and dedicated to their craft, but we understand that they come from varying performance backgrounds. While some of our students already have Broadway and TV credits, it’s okay if you’re still working towards those goals! It is to be expected that, when you’re first starting out as a young performer, you won’t have as many credits as an older, more experienced performer, but take some time to think about the experience you DO have. For example: did you perform the Star Spangled Banner at a sporting event or sing your favorite song in a school talent show? Do you participate in dance competitions through your local studio? Did you get an award from your drama teacher last year? All of these things can go on your resume! For a full list of headshot guidelines please visit

Should I send you my headshots and resume ahead of time?
You will submit digital versions of your headshot and resume to your Student Advisor ahead of time for approval, but you should NOT send hard copies of your headshots and resumes to the office before the program begins. BAA cannot be responsible for hard copies that are sent to the office. Please bring your headshots resumes with you in person on Day One.

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