On Sunday, August 6th, 2017, our Summer Session 4 students will participate in an off-Broadway final showcase performance!  This year, our final showcase will take place at the Peter Norton Symphony Space (2537 Broadway, between 94th & 95th Streets).  We cordially invite you to attend this exciting and memorable event!

We will be presenting TWO showcase performances.  They will take place at 5:00pm (Featuring Students with Last Names beginning with L-Z) and 8:00pm (Featuring Students with Last Names A-K). Both age groups (ages 10-14 and 15-21) will be performing together within both showcases this year, at the request of the Industry!

Please note that BOTH showcases will contain group numbers and involve students from BOTH groups (A-K and L-Z).  For example, a student with a last name beginning with M may perform in a group vocal or dance number during the earlier showcase.  While your children will be involved with both showcases, parents should only plan to attend one showcase (the showcase appropriate for your child’s last name).  Students will be the most featured, with their solo performances, in their specified 5PM or 8PM showcase.

The house will open for seating approximately 20 minutes prior to the performance (4:40pm for the 5:00pm showcase, and 7:40pm for the 8:00pm showcase). Please do not plan on arriving before that time. (We will be using every last moment for cue to cue’s and tech rehearsals!) Every seat in the house is a good one!
All participants will be finished with their showcase day at approximately 10:45pm. (Please allow an additional 15-30 minutes for goodbyes!)

Each student is allotted 3 complimentary seats for their off-Broadway showcase performance!  Please note that seating will be general admission. While no hard copy tickets will be distributed, we will need the names of all guests for the reservation list.

Please use the online form below to enter the names of your guests so that we can make sure they are on the theatre’s guest list:

There are also a limited number of additional seats available for a $25 suggested donation! 100% of donations go to the Broadway Artists Alliance Scholarship Fund. As seating is limited, these seats will be designated on a first come, first serve basis. If you are in need of more then 3 seats, please reserve your additional seats promptly. Please do not reserve additional seats if you do not need them. If you know that you will not be needing all of the seats designated to your student, please let us know so that we may release the additional seat(s). We also want to ensure that we have enough remaining seating for the group of top NYC Industry (Agents, Casting Directors, Directors, and Managers) that will be attending to see these talented young performers!

Please use the following link to make your donations and make sure to include the student performer’s name on the final page of check out:

Processed securely through Paypal,
Paypal account not required to make donation.

It is helpful for us to have your guest names in advance, however if you need to make changes to the names on your list you may do so by emailing rsvp@broadwayartistsalliance.org.  Please direct all final showcase ticket related questions to the same email address.