Audition & Application FAQs

Do I need to fill out an application?
YES! All prospective students must fill out an online application to be accepted into any BAA program or class. Click HERE to complete and submit your application online.

Do I have to fill out a new application every year?
YES! All BAA students must complete an online application once per academic year, which begins on September 1st. This helps us to keep the information in our student database as accurate and up to date as possible.

Is there a way to get a discount on the application fee?
YES! Once you have attended a total of 15 days of class with BAA, you are eligible to become a Star Member! Star Members still have to complete an application once per academic year, but they receive $20 off the $25 application fee. Star Members also receive priority registration and a 5% discount for all BAA programs. Click HERE to apply for Star Membership online.

Do I have to audition for all BAA programs and Master Classes?
An audition is required for most BAA programs. For information about attending a live audition or submitting a video audition, please click HERE.

If you wish to be considered for ONLY for One Day Master Classes of the College Audition Workshop, you do not need to audition. You do, however, need to complete an online application, and then submit your headshot and resume to

Once you have completed these steps, please click HERE to register online.

How do I sign up for an audition?
Simply complete the current online application where you will be able to request your audition city and date. Once we have received your application, our Audition Coordinator will contact you to schedule your audition appointment time and give you information about what to prepare. Click HERE to complete and submit your application online.

What if I can’t attend a live audition?
If you are unable to attend a live audition, you are welcome to submit a video audition instead. Click HERE to read audition video requirements and submission guidelines.

If I am a returning alumni, do I have to re-audition for BAA programs each year?
That depends. If you were accepted to a BAA program within the past year, you may be able to attend the same Program(s) and the same Major(s) for which you were accepted without re-auditioning.  The Admissions Director will automatically notify all recent summer students of their acceptance information for the new academic year, which begins September 1st. If you were expecting alumni acceptance information but did NOT receive an email as of October 1st, please email

You will need to re-audition if you have not been accepted to a BAA program within the past year, or if you wish to be considered for a different Program or Major. If either situation applies to you, please email

What do I need to prepare for my audition?
You will prepare your audition material based on the major you wish to be considered for. Click HERE to view live audition requirements. Click HERE to view video audition requirements.

Do I have to attend the group dance call if I’m not auditioning to be a Dance Major?
YES! We require all students attending our live auditions to participate in a group dance call. You will have the opportunity to learn a beginning combination and/or an intermediate-advanced combination. All students will perform the combination(s) of their choice in small groups for the audition panel.

If you’re a strong dancer, this is your chance to shine!

But if you don’t have very much dance experience, that’s okay! We want to see your personality and we want to know that you can have fun with basic movement! The group dance call also gives us the opportunity to see how you work with a teacher and how you interact with other students.

What happens if I send an audition video after the deadline?
BAA guarantees that all audition videos received before the deadline will be considered. Audition videos received after the deadline will be considered only if space permits.

Why do I have to submit my headshot and resume via e-mail before I bring a hardcopy of both to my audition?
BAA keeps a detailed student database (including potential students) and we ask you to e-mail us your headshot and resume ahead of time to help us get to know you before we have the pleasure of meeting you in person!

What if I don’t have a professional headshot?
That’s okay! While a professional headshot is a wonderful tool for any actor to have, we understand that many of our applicants are just beginning their studies and are not yet ready to make the large financial investment. The most important thing is that you have a current photo of your face and that it really looks like you! This photo can be a school picture or even a snapshot -just bear in mind that it will need to be a high resolution picture, as you will need to enlarge it to 8×10 inches (the industry standard) for your audition. Click HERE to see sample headshots.

What if I don’t have very much experience on my resume?
That’s okay! When you are first starting out, you won’t have as many credits as a more experienced performer. Take some time to think about the experience you DO have. For example: did you perform the Star Spangled Banner at a sporting event or sing your favorite song in a school talent show? Do you participate in dance competitions through your local studio? Did you get an award from your drama teacher last year? All of these things can go on your resume! Click HERE to see sample resumes.

When will I know if I am accepted to BAA?
Generally speaking, you will receive an e-mail from our Admissions Department containing your acceptance status within two weeks of your audition or the date on which we received your audition video. If you have not received your acceptance status within two weeks of your audition date or the date we received your audition video, please e-mail Please do NOT e-mail our Admissions Department if it has not yet been two weeks.

If I am placed on the waitlist, when will I know if a spot has become available for me?
In your acceptance e-mail you will be informed if you have been placed on the wait list for a particular program. In the event that a space becomes available, you will be notified immediately by our Admissions Department and given instructions on how to register. Waitlisted students will always be notified of an available space before the final payment deadline for a program. After the final payment deadline, no more waitlist spaces will be made available. 

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