Program & Master Class FAQs

How do I know which BAA program to choose?
The Programs area of our website contains information about what makes each Master Class, Workshop or Intensive special. You will be able to compare and contrast our programs to decide which will be the best fit for you based on your experience, your goals and your budget!

What Majors does BAA offer?
We offer three different Majors: Voice, Acting and Dance. As a student in our Workshops and Intensives you will take one class every day in your Major. Your Major also determines what you will perform in your final showcase. For example: Voice Majors sing 16-32 bars of a musical theatre song, Acting Majors perform a 1-minute monologue, and Dance Majors perform featured solos in a self-choreographed piece.

How do I decide which Major to pursue?
Some students choose their Major based on what they feel is their strongest area, while others choose to major in the area they would most like to improve. Occasionally, you will be accepted to BAA in more than one Major. If this happens for you, you may choose which Major you would like to pursue.

Can I audition for, and be accepted to, more than one Major?
YES! You may audition for as many Majors as you like (simply prepare the appropriate audition material) and you may be accepted into multiple majors, but you will eventually choose only ONE Major for EACH session you attend.

Can I take classes outside my Major?
YES! Students will take one class per day that is assigned to them according to their major and age group; however, all students will also choose one or two elective classes each day (depending on the program), which may be in any major. You will always be able to take elective classes outside of your Major!

Where are classes held?
One Day Master Classes, Workshops and Intensives all take place at Ripley Grier Studios, one of the most popular and well-equipped rehearsal spaces in New York City! To read more about Ripley Grier Studios, you can visit their website at:

What does a typical day look like at BAA?
Regular class days begin with a final showcase rehearsal in the morning followed by one or more elective classes (depending on the program). After lunch, students attend a master class in their major, and then conclude the day with vocal or dance rehearsal to prepare for the industry showcase. All students attending Winter Workshop, BAA Jr. Summer Session 1, Summer Session 2, Summer Session 3 and/or Summer Session 4 will attend a Broadway show. Students for Summer Sessions 1, 2, 3 and 4 will also be able to attend optional evening activities.

How do I pick my classes?
Approximately one month prior to the start of your program, you will be directed to complete your class choice selections online. Students will be asked to make 1st, 2nd and 3rd choices for their elective class each day. For the most part, students receive their 1st choice class; however, they may be placed into their 2nd or 3rd choice classes if their 1st choice class is already full or if BAA staff members feel that a student needs a more well-rounded curriculum than their 1st choice classes will provide.

Who teaches my classes?
BAA classes may be taught by Tony Award Winners, current Broadway performers, casting directors, agents, Broadway choreographers, or top NYC coaches! No matter which classes you choose, you will be learning from the city’s best and brightest!

Should I purchase the catered lunch or bring my own?
Students may purchase a catered lunch for each day of their program or they may choose to bring their own bag lunch.  Bagged lunches should be brought at the beginning of the day, as we kindly request parents to be off the Ripley Grier premises during program hours. Students may also purchase lunch from the Oasis Café located in Ripley Grier Studios. We offer several catered lunch options each day including, but not limited to: hot and cold sandwiches and pastas, chicken, hamburgers, veggie burgers, hot dogs, salads, fresh fruits, and cookies. There is always a vegetarian option available and the items offered are generally safe for students who have nut or shellfish allergies. If your child has serious dietary restrictions or is a particularly “picky eater” we recommend that they bring their own bag lunch each day. Click HERE to view a sample catered lunch menu.

Can I leave Ripley Grier Studios to get lunch?
Students are NOT permitted to leave Ripley Grier Studios to get lunch if they are attending Winter Workshop, BAA Jr, Summer Session 1, 2, 3 or 4, the College Audition Workshop or One Day Master Classes. This applies to ALL students, regardless of their age.

Which Broadway show will I see while I’m at BAA?
If enrolled in an applicable program, you will be directed to choose your Broadway show online approximately one month prior to the start of classes. Tickets are distributed on a first-come-first-serve basis, so we recommend you make your selection early!

Is it possible to get extra tickets for parents?
Occasionally, BAA has extra tickets that parents may purchase at a discounted rate. You will be notified if parent tickets become available.

How can I schedule private coachings with a BAA staff member?
To schedule a Private Coaching, please visit our Private Coachings page. Here you will find general information, coaching rates and a complete list of BAA Private Coaches along with their direct contact information. 

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