Student Testimonials

I had my first year at BAA summer sessions in 2011. I made wonderful friends whom I keep in touch with and look forward to seeing this summer. The staff was warm, supportive, and simply unbelievable. I met Adam Kantor, who became my acting coach and worked with me and helped me so much (plus became a great friend). I was put in touch with one of my favorite actresses of all time, Eden Espinosa, which completely awed me. I looked forward to attending each and every day of the two weeks I went (and usually I’m pretty lazy in the summer). Then, they put me in touch with a brilliant man, Seth Rudetsky, who cast me in his off-broadway show, Disaster! (which has become my favorite project of all time. BAA is the real thing. It’s top of the line trainging and it’s fun.”
-Clark Oliver

‎”BAA has changed my life. It has allowed me to work with the best of the business in an environment where I know that they want me to get better. BAA has showed me that with hard work and dedication I really can do what I want and I can see the results after every class.”
-Melissa B Miller

“BAA was more than amazing…One of the coolest things that I got to do was to be working with Broadway and Industry professionals. I got to work with Christopher Jackson (Lion King, In The Heights) in a master class. As soon as it was done, he had to go and get ready to be in Memphis; which I saw immediately after the class. So singing for the Broadway star and then getting to see him sing in a Broadway show? Yeah… That’s pretty cool if you ask me. Jennifer Johns, the creator and director of all the incredible things you’re hearing about, is such a kind and beautiful woman. I will always owe her for making something so wonderful for aspiring young actors.”
-Rozee Rossi

‎”Broadway Artists Alliance is such a great program. It helps daring young performers who have a dream of pursuing a career as a performer discover what it’s like to work with some of the best professional people.”
-Michael I. Haber

“BAA was an absolutely INCREDIBLE experience! You get to work with amazing instructors who know the show business inside and out! At BAA you learn information about theatre that you can’t learn from a voice teacher. The staff and students are all extremely nice! and all of the instructors and staff are extremely talented and educated about the show business! I LOVED EVERY MINUTE! Anyone that has a SERIOUS passion for musical theatre should go to BAA!”
-Natalie Miranda

“It’s a great learning experience for those who are serious about theater and it gives you so much exposure to people in the business who give you constructive feedback.”
-India Carney

“The ability to work with Broadway professionals and learn their wisdom is invaluable to anyone who wants to go into the profession. Not even many adults get this opportunity. I feel so proud to have been a part of BAA and would recommend it to anyone who wants to learn first hand what it takes to follow their dreams. The coaches and professionals you work with really change your view on what you aspire to do with your life. They are honest, encouraging and inspiring. That’s what young performers need to begin the road to self awareness and self confidence, and that is a crucial part of what we do.”
-Malinda Reese

“This is the best week of summer vacation!”
-Matt Robertson

“I wish BAA was school because I want to be here every day.”
– Neil Cathro

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