Housing & Meals FAQs

Does BAA provide housing for me while I am taking classes in NYC?
We do not provide housing, though we do our best to help! Students are responsible for their own room and board while attending BAA programs; however, our recommended hotels offer a group discount rate to BAA students and their family members. Many students choose one of these hotels for the convenience and sense of community that they provides. For more information about BAA recommended hotels and other hotels in the area, please visit: https://www.broadwayartistsalliance.org/tuition-housing/hotel-information

Does BAA provide chaperones at the recommended hotel?
YES! As a courtesy, we provides chaperones at all BAA recommended hotels to walk students to and from classes and activities each day, and to be on hand in the event of an emergency. The BAA Hotel Chaperone will also perform a “Lights Out” check upon parental request.

How old do I have to be to stay in a recommended hotel without a parent or guardian?
For the BAA recommended hotels you must be at least 15 years of age to stay in a hotel room without a parent or guardian.

How can I find a roommate for my time at BAA?
Students are responsible for finding their own student roommates while in NYC, however, BAA will assist with putting you in touch. Please click here to give us your information for potential roommates. Having a hotel roommate in one of our recommended hotels during your time with us is a fun and economical option, but some parents who plan to stay in NYC for longer periods of time during the summer months choose to look into monthly midtown apartment sublets. We are always happy to make further suggestions should you need assistance!

Should I purchase the catered lunch or bring my own?
Students may purchase a catered lunch for each day of their program or they may choose to bring their own bag lunch or purchase lunch from the Oasis Café located in Ripley Grier Studios. To view a SAMPLE catering menu, please visit https://www.broadwayartistsalliance.org/tuition-housing/meal-options.

We offer several catered lunch options each day including, but not limited to: hot and cold sandwiches, hot and cold pastas, hamburgers, hot dogs, veggie burgers, salad, fresh fruit, and cookies. There is always a vegetarian option available and an option that is safe for students who have nut or shellfish allergies (always be sure to alert us of any food allergies on you online forms). If your child has serious dietary restrictions or is a particularly “picky eater,” we recommend that they bring their own bag lunch each day.

Can I leave Ripley Grier Studios to get lunch?
Students are NOT permitted to leave Ripley Grier Studios to get lunch- or for any other reason- during programs. This applies to ALL students, regardless of their age. If you have forgotten your lunch or for any reason cannot find something appropriate to eat, always be sure to let a BAA Staff member know and we will gladly assist you! The only exception to this rule is the Adult Professional Workshop; students in this program will be permitted to leave Ripley Grier Studios on their lunch break.

I see on the sample schedule that pizza will be served to all students on the night we go see the Broadway Show, but I can’t eat pizza. Will dinner still be provided for me?
Yes! Our “Pizza Party” nights always feature several varieties of pizza and we will also provide salad and sodas. For lactose intolerant students, we can order pizza without cheese; for gluten intolerant students, we can order gluten-free pizza. If you can not ANY of the above listed items, please let us know in advance so that we can plan accordingly.


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