A special message to COCA Auditionees in St. Louis, MO (Updated 1/24)

Hello COCA Auditionees,

We are sad to have missed you due to the cancellation of the COCA Regional Summer Intensives Audition event has been suspended because of Ice Storm Jupiter.

Please, consider sending a video audition for our programs instead! You can fin all the requirements on how to complete your video submission HERE.

In consideration of these events, if you reside in the St. Louis, MO area, or were scheduled to attend the COCA RSIA events:

  • Please note that we will waive your BAA online Application fee, if you submit a video audition to our programs between January 14th and January 30th, 2017. Do still complete the Online Application with your information HERE
  • If you’d like to be considered for BAA’s Winter Workshop, we will extend your Video Audition submission deadline for consideration until January 30th, 2017.
  • Registered COCA auditionees should submit their  videos directly to BAA’s Admissions Director to alumniauditions@broadwayartistsalliance.org (by Jan. 30th) with the subject line “COCA Participant- Video Audition submission” followed by your Name.

If you have any additional question, please contact our Director of Auditions, Scheherazade Quiroga at auditions@broadwayartistsalliance.org

Dear St. Louis,Our Auditions ofthis weekend havebeen suspended due to the ice storm -(We're sad to miss you! Please, consider submitting a video Audition -)

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